Keen recently announced that brands using its unified marketing measurement and optimization platform experienced a 40.4 percent increase in profitability for 2018. (Read the release.)

Ponder that for a moment—how would your year look different if you had 40% more profit to work with, as a direct result of your marketing investment decisions? Here are four things we hear consistently from our customers:

  1. More Wins. Like great athletes who visualize themselves winning, Keen’s platform gives marketers the ability to visualize—and achieve— the optimal plan to reach their business objectives. Let’s face it, winning is fun. Rewarding. And addictive—the more you win the more you want to win, and the more you seem able to keep winning. It’s why our tagline is “Model Your Brand Winning;” after all, who really wants to model their brand improving incrementally?
  2. Suite Cred. Keen’s marketers tell us they are earning valuable new credibility among their senior leadership by being able to accurately forecast—and deliver— results for their marketing dollars. Credibility leads to more freedom to take smart risks…and that’s how you win.
  3. Better Questions. Better Answers. Keen’s platform opens up an exciting new view of your business. It unifies all your marketing channels (digital, traditional media and even store-level) so you can assess performance side-by-side and determine the best mix for your brand in today’s market. It also lets you build models in close to real-time so you can adapt and optimize investments in-flight. The effect, marketers tell us, is a new way of thinking, and with it a new set of questions to ask, and answers that open up opportunities they couldn’t see before.
  4. Promotions. Awards. Oh My! We can’t prove it, but we’ve noticed a  trend among our customers: they’re getting promoted and recognized by their companies for their achievements. While we can’t promise a pay raise, we can promise that if you act on the insights Keen’s solution delivers your brand’s will improve in ways you didn’t know was possible.

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