Celebrating successful and creative marketing teams in three different categories.

Our innovator is the “brand warrior” who has distinguished him/herself in their organization.


Our optimizer is the quantitative giant – achieving the highest-impact program.


Our agile winner is consistently updating and winning for their brand on-the-fly.

Dawn Cunningham

Innovation Leader AwardInnovation Leader Keen Award

Head of Global Insights and Analytics for consumer brands, Dawn Cunningham’s passionate leadership helped the consumer business embrace Keen’s platform. Cunningham has been influential at 3M in promoting the adoption of Keen’s solution to drive smart marketing decisions that grow revenue. It’s her innovative approach that bridges the gap between marketing and analytics and earns Cunningham Keen’s Innovation Leader Award.

Laura Koenes, Shopper Marketing

Agile Marketing Awardagile marketing keen award

The team at Smithfield leveraged Keen’s platform to develop retail-specific models across its top five stores, in an effort to optimize marketing’s impact on sales. Based on Keen’s insights, Smithfield was able to develop a plan that could increase their revenue and triple marketing’s return. The team’s desire to be agile and make smart business decisions through multiple models and frequent updates earned Smithfield Keen’s Agile Marketing Award.


COVID-19 Impact AwardCOVID19 Impact Keen Award

Like many businesses in the wake of COVID-19, Scotch-Brite was looking for guidance on how to optimize its marketing investment. Leveraging Keen’s platform, the Scotch-Brite team was able to account for uncertainty, including a second wave of the coronavirus, while weighing different investment scenarios to gain insight and confidence about marketing’s future financial impact. Today Scotch-Brite is a leading brand amongst Keen’s client base for their team’s frequent updates in Keen’s platform to demonstrate marketing’s value.

Jon Rehfeld & Logan Moorse
Post Consumer Brands

Innovation Leader Award

Logan Moorse and Jon Rehfeld view their roles on Insights & Planning at Post Holdings to help the brand teams drive more value, more rapidly by identifying game-changing opportunities through smarter use of technology and data. It’s that mindset, along with their rapid adoption and implementation of predictive analytics that earned Rehfeld, an associate director and Moorse, manager with Insights & Planning, Keen Decision System’s Innovation Leader Award.


Vitamin Brand Boosts Brand Immunity

Optimizer Award

Name withheld at client’s request. This vitamin brand made significant gains in optimizing their marketing investments based on insights from Keen’s platform. Congratulations!

Bill Mackison
Perfetti Van Melle

Agile Marketing Award

Bill Mackison, Perfetti Van Melle’s Consumer Insights Lead, claims he was “like a kid in the candy store,” as he began to grasp the power of Keen’s platform to help deliver constant data-driven insights that continue to sweeten his brands’ results. Mackison was honored with Keen’s Agile Marketing Award based on the frequency of his updates, which allows him to work with the most recent information to equip his team to make faster, more profitable decisions using a real-time model, with real-time intelligence.

Elizabeth Di John

Innovation Leader Award

Congratulations to Elizabeth DiJohn, whose distinguished leadership helped her team quickly embrace Keen’s platform. DiJohn effectively engaged her leadership team, as well as her marketing and agency teams to promote adoption of Keen’s insights to drive marketing decisions. Today Smithfield is a leader among Keen’s customer base for frequent model updates and for demonstrating a high level of agility in acting on new insights to drive continuous improvement.


Optimizer Award

Essity US garnered Keen’s first-ever Optimizer Award based on a quantitative assessment of the financial impact of a data-driven programming decision. Essity’s marketing team for its TENA brand made significant gains in the second half of 2018 due in part to insights generated using Keen’s platform. Congrats on your big win, Team Essity!


Agile Marketing Award

Boll and Branch embraced Keen’s platform with the gusto you’d expect from this maverick direct-to-consumer brand, quickly generating updates to begin optimizing its robust marketing programs. Great work, Boll and Branch! We love to see our clients leverage frequent updates to optimize brand performance.