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Keen Insights

Keen Insights is a weekly blog for data-driven marketers seeking to continuously improve their ability and capability to link their marketing investments to business growth using metrics that close the “Marketing Proof Gap” with the C-suite.

This is the One Thing Your Competitors Hope You Don’t Try Next Year

Here's a post you're not going to want to share too widely because we're about to reveal some jaw-dropping findings from ClickZ's research that could radically challenge your plans--and your outcomes--for 2020. Join ClickZ and [...]

How to Know if You’re Spending Enough on Marketing: Keen Launches New Solution

Keen's just-released non-sales response solution helps marketers optimize their budgets to achieve their non-sales goals. If you're bonused on reaching marketing goals for things like awareness, impressions, brand health or something else, it's time to [...]

The Proof Is In The Numbers

Findings of a recent survey suggests that while most CMOs remain reluctant to adopt predictive analytics, those who embrace the technology are leapfrogging their counterparts, with lift typically from 10 to 25 percent, with some [...]

3 Ways to Get the Right Amount of Digital in Your Mix

Decision Point: How can you balance all your marketing channels to grow your business? Our last post highlighted some ways the digital portion of your marketing mix can get seriously out of whack and the problems this presents. This week we’re looking on [...]

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