Greg Dolan, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of KeenBy: Greg Dolan

(Originally published on LinkedIn)

As we ride the long wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and absorb its economic and social impacts, Christine Moorman and the team at have come out with a timely update of their research, continuing to report on the pulse of U.S. marketing leadership. The report’s introduction sagely observes:

“…Marketing sits at the center of corporate responses to these challenges as companies shift their go-to-market activities.”

More than 62 percent of marketers agree that the importance of marketing has increased since the pandemic. At Keen we observed this shift as well, dubbing marketers business’ “economic first responders” in a piece we published for the Forbes Council last April.

Now is the time to pause and reflect on the lessons learned from this season of unprecedented uncertainty in order to fulfill this emerging role in the future. Based on our work with top consumer brands, and validated by insights from the CMO survey, I’ve identified three essential takeaways for marketers.

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