Keen’s just-released non-sales response solution helps marketers optimize their budgets to achieve their non-sales goals.

If you’re bonused on reaching marketing goals for things like awareness, impressions, brand health or something else, it’s time to ask yourself an important question:

Did you spend enough on marketing to achieve your goal?

No shame in not knowing…you’re certainly not alone. According to Keen’s own Greg Dolan, “Marketers often build plans around such metrics without the ability to know if they are spending enough to achieve their goals.”

But Greg warns, “With growing pressure from the C-suite to demonstrate financial return, marketers need to find a way to connect the dots between marketing spending and business growth.”

One way to do that, of course, is to use Keen’s platform to optimize your investments and the timing of those spends across all your channels. That will help you maximize marketing’s financial contribution and let you update and tweak that optimization in real-time as market dynamics shift.

But that isn’t the whole picture for marketers who aren’t ready to transition to financially driven metrics, either because the company’s overall marketing metrics are based on non-sales metrics…or because their bonus is.

That’s where Keen’s “Non-Sales Response” solution comes in. This just-released solutions gives marketers the option to optimize their plans and budgets against traditional non-sales metrics like awareness, impressions, web visits or brand health.

Attention B2B Marketers!

And this new solution opens a door to an important unmet need for B2B marketers who rely on marketing and sales qualified leads to predict the financial lift of marketing. Keen’s NSR solution enables B2B businesses to accurately scope the investment needed to achieve their MQL or SQL goal, in service of a financial goal.

Spend Enough in 2020

Now’s the time to learn how Keen’s NSR can take the guesswork out of your 2020 plan and budget. Contact Keen to book your 15-minute discovery call and learn how Keen’s unified marketing measurement and optimization platform can help your brand win in 2020…no matter how you slice it.