Keen CEO Greg Dolan offers a sneak preview of AdWeek’s webinar, “Build a Breakthrough Measurement Strategy,” in which Bill Mackison, Consumer Insights Lead for Perfetti van Melle shares how measurement innovations can create first-mover advantage.

“How do I find the next first-mover opportunity?”

That question still excites Bill Mackison after 20+ years working in marketing insights for consumer brand giants Procter & Gamble and now PvM.  Mackison told me recently that he’s like a kid in a candy store watching how recent advances in measurement technology are enabling his Mentos and Airheads brands to generate whopping $1.89 ROIs on channels that had been flat at $0.69 over the past several years.

“Wait, we can understand exactly what our marketing is doing?”

Upon joining PvM four years ago, Mackison helped usher in a culture shift that values measurement-driven decision-making. The annual market mix presentations they started with showed them which channels outperformed others, but according to Mackison, failed to address true business-driving questions like:

  • What should I expect next year?
  • How much business lift will this change create?
  • What does the report say my plan will produce?

We’ve been on an improvement journey; this year we’ll see an 82% lift in marketing contribution.

Last year Mackison started working with Keen Decision Systems to build forward-focused models using data that’s just 45-90 days old (versus six months to two years for annual marketing mix reports).

As a result, Mackison and his team are able to determine the optimal investment level by week for all their channels (digital, traditional and trade). These insights are emboldening the brands to make unconventional moves, like lowering GRPs for TV to what he calls “earth-shattering levels,” along with other data-driven decisions that are challenging the status quo with sweet returns for PvM.

But, we don’t want to spoil all the fun!

Join Bill Mackison and me for AdWeek’s webinar where we discuss how to “Build a Breakthrough Measurement Strategy” (Just in time for your 2019 plan.)

Get the full story. Watch the webinar.