Sports marketing in a post-COVID world bears little resemblance to what it was before, and yet the game goes on and that means there will be both winners and losers.

Here are four ways to emerge victorious from your sports marketing engagements:

1. Work the Pocket. Just like a quarterback scanning for an open receiver, marketers must look with fresh eyes for their best available opportunities, with in-stadium marketing indefinitely sidelined and schedules tentative at best.

This may involve creating new tactics to simulate or compensate for that experiential deficit. AdAge catalogs these types of creative moves, and one notable example comes from Doritos, which revived its “Crash from Home” campaign post-pandemic by inviting fans to submit videos about their passion for the brand. A compilation spot featuring 15 winners debuted during the NFL Sunday kickoff game. Each winner received $10,000…and bragging rights.

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