COVID-19 put the food and beverage industry on the rocks. What’s next?

Why You Should Focus On Predictive Marketing.

As our cities and towns slowly reopen, the landscape for distribution and marketing look quite different, especially for wine, beer and spirits brands.

How will you make predictive decisions about the future when the past no longer offers a relevant reference?

How do you invest marketing dollars to make up for lost profitability as off-premise sales outpace on-premise?

How do you adapt your marketing plan and channel strategy for 2022 and beyond?

How will you optimize your online channels to take advantage of the past year’s boom in online shopping behavior?

Right now, the focus is on how to pivot quickly and in the right directions. Bev-al brands that thrived during the pandemic are assessing their next moves in an uncertain for 2022 and beyond.

How will you predict what to keep and what to change in your marketing strategy, especially when the past seems irrelevant when it comes to deciding what’s next?

Keen ‘s SaaS-based platform equips you to war game future planning scenarios and build a data-informed plan in which you–and your leadership–can have confidence.

Here’s how.

Keen’s algorithms build future-focused models so you can start making data-guided decisions now.

If you’re a smaller label, you might not have the benefit of much marketing data. But even your brand has been fortunate enough to invest in marketing measurement you might wonder if the dollars were wasted after the pandemic turned everything on its head.

We get it: Data about what worked in the past is rarely a reliable indicator of what to do today or tomorrow.

But Keen’s algorithms combine the metrics you have with our own patent-pending marketing elasticity engine to build models that provide reliable guidance  for future decision making.

Keen lets you add new metrics quickly so you can nimbly adapt your plan “in-flight.” Machine learning improves your decision quality as you go. You’ll become a believer in the ability of data and the power of machine learning as your brand grows consistently, predictably and more cost-efficiently.

With Keen, you can:

Know how to adapt your marketing spend to offset the decline in on-premise sales.

Adapt your plan to thrive in today’s diverse and highly competitive Bev-Al marketplace.

Account for the value of TV advertising.

Keen’s forward-looking scenarios puts you in the driver’s seat. Forget shotgun or the back seat, your competition won’t even be in the same car.

Despite the plethora of new brands entering the market, few are using any type of marketing planning technology to guide where and when they’re active. Larger companies invest in measurement, but that data is too general and backward-looking. It’s like trying to accelerate your car while only looking only in the rearview mirror! (Check out our video to see what we mean.)

For many of  the Bev-Al clients we work with Keen is the first data modeling solution their leadership has been willing to try. Maybe it’s because Keen’s future-focused models are reliable, even when your data is sparse or poor-quality.

Or, maybe it’s that Keen helps marketers move faster. New clients make their first decision within a couple weeks, and then add new data as they go to update plans in-flight and continually optimize their goal achievement.

Or perhaps it is because Keen helps you pivot with the unexpected to consider external factors like the impact of new competitive labels, the shift in volume from on-premise to off-premise or even the impact of stay-at-home restrictions in your future marketing planning.

With Keen, you can model investments against future-focused goals, regardless of your objective:

Optimize your current marketing budget

Figure out how much you’d need to spend on marketing to maximize revenue.

Develop a plan to maximize your long-term profitability (NPV).

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