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How Do You Gain Confidence In Your Innovative Marketing Plan?

As a challenger brand–and particularly if you’re go-to-market is a direct-to-consumer strategy–you are quick to embrace innovation and risk to breakthrough a noisy marketplace. It shows in the results with challenger brands garnering higher rates of consumer adoption, faster, for the high-quality and differentiated offerings of independent brands. No longer content to snag a tiny piece of the pie, such brands now often set the bar when it comes to consumer brand experiences and grab substantial market share, especially during COVID.

With smaller budgets and less room for error, the key question your marketing team needs to be able to answer with confidence is this one:

“If you invest a given amount in marketing, what financial return can you expect?”

Keen helps you make better decisions about your marketing plan and accurately predicts the financial return you can expect.

Here’s why (and how) predictive marketing matters for your challenger DTC brand.

A lot of DTCs understand their traditional media in a silo. They are unable to see how it interacts with other marketing channels.

Keen’s platform provides a holistic view of your marketing plan including traditional media, digital media, as well as earned media and shopper marketing. You need a neutral, objective perspective on what’s working (and what isn’t). And you need predictive insights that help you decide what to do next, not tell you how you did last year.

What’s really valuable is a blue-sky analysis of the continuously evolving marketing mix to help challenger brands uncover new, innovative, revenue-driving opportunities. With Keen, you can war-game options and risks to create novel scenarios, informed by relevant modeling data, to achieve a defined financial outcome. And, Keen’s patent-pending marketing elasticity engine ensures you get reliable guidance, even if your data is sparse or poor in quality.

With the skyrocketing growth in online since COVID, Keen also supports a digital-only optimization framework in addition to omni-channel scenario planning.

As a challenger brand, building community and engaging influencers must be a priority. Keen helps you know how much to invest and the value these initiatives deliver for your brand.

Unlike the established brands you’re striving to disrupt, you’re creating new customer bases, not simply sustaining mindshare.

You can’t just push your message into the market and expect immediate conversion. To succeed, engagements must be organic, natural and extremely positive.

Building community around your brand means building an authentic, sustained and positive relationship with consumers. And tapping the talent of influencers is a key way to accelerate that process. Keen helps you understand where to focus your resources for the best results.

Data is great, but must be anchored in the humanity of the brand experience.

Challenger brands know that good decisions are driven by predictive insights and experience. Keen’s platform augments your team’s decision making with algorithmic scenarios that sometimes challenges and other times reinforce your team’s thinking. The result? A more profitable marketing plan with forecasts in which you can be confident.

Check Out How Perfect Snacks Built A Data-Driven Culture

Perfect Snacks’ marketing team not only relies on Keen’s platform to build revenue-driving marketing plans on an annual basis, but has fostered a culture that leans on the power of Keen’s algorithms and machine learning to update and adapt its plan as the market changes, including in the face of a worldwide pandemic.

Watch this 1-minute video to get the story.

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