Consumer Goods
The COVID-19 pandemic changed the consumer goods industry forever. Is your brand adapting?

Is optimizing a marketing budget in 2021 really still a thing? Can you know if you make a given level of investment in marketing how much you can expect in contribution to your bottom line?

Yes and yes.

Keen’s MIDA platform gives you the predictive marketing insights you need, regardless of your goal:

Achieving sales targets

Driving the highest value possible from existing marketing budgets

Lobbying for higher budgets where warranted

Keen’s MIDA platform analyzes your current marketing plan and unearths areas where optimization and timing changes are possible.

Let’s see how.

In 2021, consumer goods brands must create marketing budgets based on the present and future, not the past.

Your marketing needs to be forward-looking. It’s time to move away from historical scorecarding based on ROIs. You need speed on your side to make smart, predictive decisions and move nimbly as new programs, media, and opportunities arise.

And the cherry on top is accomplishing all of this within budget, allowing you to implement across all brands, not just your power brands.

Too focused on trade? That could be costing you big. Keen can show you how (and where).

Far too many brand marketers don’t understand trade or how it functions. On the flipside, trade thinks they drive everything and that marketing plays no role. Both biases are misguided.

We’ve found that most brands in the world of consumer goods overspend on trade. But you can’t know that (and prove it to the C-suite) without data to back it up.

Keen is the difference maker.

Not your daddy’s consumer goods industry: Millennials and Gen Z want something different.

Millennials and Gen Z carry an inordinate amount of consumer spending power today. And they view the consumer goods much differently than past generations:

Their first contact with your products probably won’t be on the grocery aisle—it will be through a digital format.

Brand loyalty is a thing of the past for Millennials and Gen Z. They like startups and off-brand “new guys on the block.”

Authenticity is everything and they associate their self-identity with the products they purchase.

See How One Brand Got A Handle On Trade

One of Keen’s perishable-product clients used the solution to  make a broad strategic assessment of its trade and marketing investments. Guided by Keen’s scenarios, the team reduced trade by a total of $62 million over two years. Revenue decreased by $4 million, yet net income grew by $58 million.

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