DURHAM, NC (March 26, 2020)—Keen Decision Systems, a leading predictive marketing analytics software provider, just announced it is maintaining a forecast on the pandemic’s spread to equip marketers to run data-driven scenarios that will guide them in adapting their plans for both the immediate and long-term impacts of the disease.

“Our company’s top concern is for the health and safety of our employees and customers. One way we are able to be of service to customers is by equipping them to navigate the uncharted economic waters of a worldwide pandemic,” said Greg Dolan, Keen Decision Systems’ CEO and co-founder. 

“We view marketers to be the economy’s first responders. Helping them use the best information to make informed decisions about the future will protect their businesses in the near-term and create competitive advantage post-crisis by ensuring higher levels of marketing effectiveness and growth.”

Keen recently published a white paper, available on its website and is hosting webinars for both customers and prospects to share more about how to utilize predictive analytics in response planning.