Keen’s New “Marketing Leading Indicators” Solution Optimizes Planning and Measurement Using Traditional Marketing Metrics

DURHAM, NC (BUSINESS WIRE)– Keen Decision Systems today launched a new product as part of its award-winning, predictive marketing analytics platform known as “Marketing Leading Indicators.” The solution enables marketers to optimize their plans and budgets against such traditional metrics as awareness, impressions, web visits and brand health.

Keen’s Leading Indicators platform also addresses a previously unmet need for B2B businesses that look to marketing and sales qualified leads to predict financial lift from marketing.

“Marketers often build plans around such metrics without the ability to know if they are spending enough to achieve their goals,” Keen CEO Greg Dolan said. “With growing pressure from the C-suite to demonstrate financial return, Keen’s solution offers marketers a powerful tool for driving business growth.”

Keen’s flagship solution helps marketers optimize investments and timing across all channels to maximize financial contribution. Both solutions facilitate updates in real-time as market dynamics shift.

“The Leading Indicators platform brings similar capabilities to companies that rely on traditional metrics, while advancing the value of these metrics as reliable indicators of financial return,” Dolan said.

About Keen Decision Systems

Keen Decision Systems is a software-as-a-service company whose mission is to help marketers build winning brands. Keen’s unified marketing measurement and optimization platform helps marketers make dynamic, data-driven decisions in real-time about the best spend, channel and timing to achieve their financial goal. Keen is ClickZ’s 2019 Best Predictive Analytics Platform and is based in Durham, N.C.

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