Model Your Brand Winning

Keen’s predictive analytics answer the most important question on the minds of today’s growth-driven marketing leaders:

Where (and when) do I invest my marketing budget to drive growth?

And the second-most important:

How much value can I drive from my marketing investments?

What Decision Do You Need to Make Next?Your next marketing decision is the starting point for Keen’s analytics. 

Here are examples of some of the questions we’ve helped clients answer recently:

  1. What would it look like if we doubled down on TV?
  2. Is my digital spend out of whack?
  3. Is our sports sponsorship profitable?
  4. Can we optimize shopper marketing across our top five retailers?
  5. Would an increased marketing spend drive additional growth?

Answer these questions for the time period you’re currently considering, be it next month or all of next year.

Start with What You Know Right NowKeen’s software is built on a robust base of industry norms to which you add your sales and marketing data and your P&L. This helps you get accurate, reliable insights, even if you’re concerned about data quality.

Now the fun begins—you’re ready to “war game” scenarios to address your question and determine how to allocate your budget across the channels and weeks of your plan to prioritize one of these three business objectives:

  1. Optimize a fixed budget
  2. Maximize revenue
  3. Maximize long-term profitability (measured by net present value or NPV)

As you identify your best plan scenario, Keen generates a prescriptive plan you can use in execution that specifies year-by-year:

  1. investment totals
  2. revenue totals
  3. investment by tactic
  4. ROI and marginal ROI (mROI) by tactic

(Keen’s algorithms calculate marginal ROI (mROI) for each marketing channel and week of marketing spend to accurately predict each channel’s profit threshold and anticipated return.)

It Just Gets Better and BetterNow you’re on a roll. The best thing about Keen is that it’s dynamic. You add new data as you execute your plans, and then run updates to continually refine your future performance, every quarter or even monthly.

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“Where Keen differs is predictability—how its modeling can predict the future—that’s what led us to partner with them.”

Marketing Director, Eckrich Meats

“Keen challenged our status quo by showing that we garnered the highest ROIs when our GRPs were lowest.”

Bill Mackison, Consumer Insights Lead, Perfetti Van Melle