Project Description

Decisive Marketer’s Guide: How to Account for Timing and Market Factors and Boost Your Marketing Results

In the emerging segment of “unified marketing measurement and optimization,” technology-driven solutions like Keen’s are adding important new capabilities to account for the timing of marketing investments and the impact of market factors, including distribution and competitive activity, on your brand. Learn how these insights can help improve your marketing results.

In the eBook we’ll cover:

  • Why the traditional approach to marketing analytics is like “snapshots in time”—not a reliable way to predict your brand’s future trajectory.
  • Why adding market environment and timing factors is crucial to forward-looking analytics.
  • How brands like Keen are bridging the gap between how companies have traditionally made investment decisions and the opportunity to quantify long-term value.
Cover of Keen's resource "Marketing's Missing Links: How Adding Timing & Environmental Factors to Marketing Analytics Fosters Better Decisions, More Reliable Revenue Forecasts & Stronger Brands"