Project Description

Decisive Marketer’s Guide: How to make better, faster, more profitable marketing decisions.

Traditionally, advertising has not had insight into WHEN it is most profitable to activate various marketing channels and tactics. It’s been a process of trial-and-error, so that this year’s plan is only as good as last year’s. New technology is creating the capability to optimize timing of your marketing, and it’s paying big dividends for many brands, enabling them to be more profitable, more efficiently than in the past.

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  • Why marketers have traditionally overspent in certain seasons and underspent in others when those dollars could actually be more productive.
  • How factoring in timing will help you act smarter, faster.
  • How optimizing on a weekly basis (rather than annually) lets you accelerate while minimizing the risk (and cost) of veering off course.
  • How a technology-driven planning approach empowers everyone in your brand to get on board.
  • How new tools like those from Keen are helping brands optimize like never before.
Cover of Keen's resource "It's All in the Timing: How to Make Better, Faster, More Profitable Marketing Decisions"