April 9, 2019

Keen Decision Systems Announces Series A Investment from Spring Mountain Capital

Financing to Accelerate Commercialization of Keen’s Innovative Software-as-a-Service Platform for Unified Marketing Measurement and Optimization
April 09, 2019 08:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time
DURHAM, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Keen Decision Systems announced today that it has closed Series A financing led by Spring Mountain Capital to accelerate commercialization of its marketing analytics solution. It currently is difficult for marketers to optimize marketing investments across all online and offline channels without resorting to time-consuming and expensive consulting projects. Keen’s software platform helps marketers make better real-time, data-driven decisions to improve overall marketing effectiveness. Its software platform accounts for all available data across all channels to provide recommendations about marketing investments by channel, investment level and timing. Its algorithms improve in accuracy with usage, and Keen now works with major brands at various Fortune 500 companies.

“Marketers face an expanding array of challenges. Consumer behavior is changing, and there are more channels, more media fragmentation and more tools to manage. Keen’s platform can analyze a complete array of data sources to generate marketing plans that help marketers achieve their financial targets. The company provides substantial value to its clients and regularly improves marketing efficiency by 25 percent or more,” said John Gu of Spring Mountain Capital. “Keen is bringing a much-needed solution to the marketplace, and we are thrilled to be partnering with Greg Dolan, John Busbice and their team to help Keen win in this large and growing market.”

“Our company has been fortunate to experience a strong growth trajectory as we’ve introduced a new paradigm for decision-making to the marketing industry. We are confident our growth will be bolstered by our collaboration with Spring Mountain Capital. I believe this represents a great opportunity for both companies, and I couldn’t be more excited to welcome SMC on board,” said Greg Dolan, co-founder and CEO of Keen.

About Keen Decision Systems

Keen Decision Systems is a Durham, NC-based, software-as-a-service company whose unified marketing measurement and optimization platform helps marketers make dynamic, data-driven decisions about the most effective marketing investments, by channel, investment level and timing. Keen’s customers experience an average 25 percent improvement in brand performance in year one. Connect:, Follow us on Linked In and Twitter.

About Spring Mountain Capital

Founded in 2001 by John L. (“Launny”) Steffens and located in New York City, Spring Mountain Capital, LP (“SMC”) is a private investment management firm that focuses on alternative asset investing. SMC’s Growth Equity Group provides expansion capital to companies that are capitalizing on breakthrough innovations, paradigm shifts, or fundamental market or behavioral changes. The Growth Equity Group at SMC focuses on two sectors of the U.S. economy undergoing the most change and with the highest growth potential: technology-enabled and healthcare businesses. For more information, visit:

Nanette Kirsch

March 22, 2019

Keen Named Best Predictive Analytics Platform

ClickZ 2019 Martech Awards Salute Leaders Among 500 Solutions

NEW YORK (March 22, 2019) – Keen Decision Systems captured the award for Best Predictive Analytics Platform in ClickZ’s 2019 Marketing Technology Awards, announced at an event held March 21 at Tribeca Rooftop in New York City. Keen was among more than 500 companies in the burgeoning martech sector to enter; it was a first-time win for the unified marketing metrics and optimization provider.

In announcing Keen’s selection, ClickZ said, “Keen has an impressive commitment to enabling the most informed decision possible. Judges praised their solution for dealing with the main marketing pain points of predicting success and ROI of investments.”

“We were thrilled to win,” CEO and Co-Founder Greg Dolan said. “We do believe we’re solving a tough problem for marketers whose most important goal is revenue growth in an industry that has not had the benefit of metrics that are able to measure and optimize financial impact. We are grateful to ClickZ for its leadership in recognizing and celebrating achievement in martech.”

Review the full list of winners here.

About Keen Decision Systems

Keen Decision Systems is a software-as-a-service company whose mission is to help marketers build winning brands. Keen’s unified marketing measurement and optimization platform helps marketers make dynamic, data-driven decisions in real-time about the most effective marketing investments, by channel, investment level and timing. Keen’s customers experience an average 25 percent improvement in brand performance in year one. Keen Decisions Systems is based in Durham, N.C.  Connect:, Follow us on Linked In and Twitter.

Contact: Nanette Kirsch



February 28, 2019

Keen a Finalist in 2019 ClickZ Marketing Technology Awards

NEW YORK (Feb. 28, 2019) — ClickZ has named its finalists for the 2019 Marketing Technology Awards from among more than 300 entries, and first-time entrant Keen Decision Systems is a finalist in two of the program’s award categories:

Best Analytics Platform
Best Predictive Analytics Platform
“It used to be that strategy, skill and creativity were the bulk of marketing success. Now, technology is at the core. Companies not investing in the right technologies — or investing in the wrong ones — struggle to keep up with rising customer expectations,” according to ClickZ’s awards website.

“We are thrilled to be in the company of so many martech leaders and to be named a finalist among leading analytics platforms,” Keen CEO Greg Dolan said. “We concur with ClickZ when it comes to the growing, vital role of technology in helping marketers effectively navigate what’s become a highly fragmented, complex and dynamic marketplace. Technology is the key to helping marketers make the most profitable decisions with their marketing dollars, with the precision and agility required to win. We’re honored to be counted among the leaders who are making this happen.”

According to ClickZ, marketing departments now spend more on technology than on people. Gartner estimates that in 2018 marketers spent 29 percent of their marketing budgets (up from 22 percent in 2017) on martech. Staffing, on the other hand, accounted for just 24 percent of budget (down from 27 percent in 2017) .

The awards event will be hosted by Scott Brinker ( Award winners are determined by a combination of customer voting and the evaluations of a panel of eight expert judges. The ClickZ 2019 Marketing Technology Awards will take place in Tribeca, New York on Thursday, March 21.

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January 16, 2019

Keen’s Clients Increase Profitability 40% in 2018

Unified Marketing Measurement and Optimization Platform Demonstrates Power of Data-Driven Marketing

DURHAM, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Marketers for leading consumer brands drove a 40.4 percent increase in overall profitability using Keen Decision Systems’ unified marketing measurement and optimization platform. Such bullish results fueled 100 percent client retention and more than 90 percent brand expansion in 2019 for Keen.

“Just as we encourage our clients to drive decisions based on data, we run our business the same way,” CEO and Co-Founder Greg Dolan said. Keen is changing how companies make decisions about marketing investments, according to Dolan; first, by making it possible to evaluate all channels side-by-side; second, by tying out marketing investments to their full financial contribution (no more short-term ROIs); and third, by offering a dynamic solution that lets marketers adapt in real-time.

“Once marketers get a taste of it, we consistently see the power of data-driven marketing unleashed. Our clients progress rapidly from measuring program effectiveness and modeling an annual plan to embracing in-flight optimization and even doing risk assessment to compare various scenarios.

“Our clients see patterns emerge that once were invisible; and their models reveal new, sometimes surprising, pathways to greater profitability. One of the immediate paybacks of engaging Keen is a boost in credibility with senior management,” Dolan said. “Making a forecast and hitting it is a fast way to grow that trust.”

But Keen is not resting on its laurels. “As I said, we’re a data-driven organization. We’ll keep measuring, keep analyzing, and keep improving what we deliver to marketers. The more profitable our clients’ brands become the more successful we all will be.”

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Access the archived release on BusinessWire.

News Release

Elder Research Endorses Keen: "A Novel Approach to Optimizing Marketing Mix"

CARY, NC (Aug. 23, 2018) — Elder Research, a leader in data science consulting, recently recognized Keen Decision Systems for creating an innovative, data-driven decision support tool for marketers. Elder Research evaluated Keen’s software as part of a due diligence exercise on behalf of a consumer goods client in order to ensure Keen’s methodology was statistically sound and had the ability to optimize and project results effectively.

The firm’s President and CEO W. Gerhard Pilcher,  said, “Elder Research found Keen’s novel approach to optimizing marketing mix in their MIDA tool to be statistically sound and to meet the needs of our major consumer packaged goods client. As the USA’s most experienced consulting firm in Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI, with a growing marketing analytics portfolio, Elder Research enjoyed interactively exploring insights and trade-offs in market investment decision-making with Keen’s MIDA tool.”

“We are honored to receive such strong commendation from one of today’s leaders in the field of data science and machine learning,” Greg Dolan, Keen CEO, said. “Elder Research has distinguished itself by a relentless focus on actionable insights to solve business problems. At Keen we share a similar commitment in helping marketers build winning brands with a software-as-a-service solution that leverages the right data to help marketers make better, faster decisions about the optimal marketing channels, investment levels and timing to achieve their business goals.”

Keen’s software solution, called MIDA (Marketing Investment Decisions Analysis), is a closed-loop decision support system that includes historical measurement, what-if scenario planning, predictive forecasts, and business driver analysis with each model update.

About Elder Research

Elder Research is a recognized leader in data science consulting that partners with commercial clients and government agencies to deliver value through analytic consulting and actionable solutions to business problems. The company’s expertise is in enabling organizations to successfully extract value from their data and resources by delivering the most trusted and valuable strategy, training and analytic solutions in the industry.

About Keen Decision Systems

Keen Decision Systems’ is a software-as-a-service company whose mission is to help marketers build winning brands. Keen’s software puts the right data at marketers fingertips so they can make dynamic, data-driven decisions in real-time about the most effective marketing investments based on channel, spend and timing. Customers  experience up to a 25 percent improvement in brand performance in year one using Keen’s decision support tool. Learn more:,, 919-827-1090. Follow us on Linked In and Twitter.