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Learn How Keen Bolsters Your Agency’s Credibility While Ensuring Your Programs Create Value For Your Clients

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Your clients rely on you to guide their marketing investment decisions: How much? Where? When?

Balancing risk is part of the equation. But in today’s fragmented and fluid marketplace such decisions are more nuanced and complex than ever. Keen’s top clients speak of triangulating their decision making to balance insights from:

  1. Internal expertise
  2. Agency partners
  3. Predictive analytics like Keen’s

Keen’s platform seamlessly leverages your agency’s existing metrics via future-focused algorithms so you’ll also be able to answer questions like this one:

If we invest more in marketing what can we expect in terms of revenue, profit and shareholder value?

Build A Strategic, Powerful Case For Your Client’s Next Marketing Plan

It’s an all-too-familiar scenario: Your agency brainstorms innovative creative to move your client’s brand forward.

But now you have to also figure out where, when and how much to spend to put against it to deliver profitable returns.

Keen’s solution ingests your past metrics and uses a Bayesian modeling approach to build future-focused models. You can then run scenarios across all channels — online, offline and shopper marketing — to create a recommendation, complete with forecast, to achieve your client’s goals. The most exciting aspect of Keen’s solution is it’s a live platform, so you can adjust the plan based on client feedback, add results as you execute and continue to optimize.

Imagine the impact on client satisfaction–and retention–as your team provides accurate, financially based insights about the value of your creative strategy and then executes with confidence that you can deliver.