Analytics & Insights
Show Your Brands The Most Profitable Path Forward With Keen


As an analytics and insights expert, you’re passionate about leveraging metrics to deliver value and drive growth for your brands. Your industry is changing rapidly, and it be challenging to keep up. Keen’s future-focused, agile solution is your key to staying a step ahead.

Even if you already have a solid analytics and insights infrastructure, Keen helps you level up so you can do more than measure what’s worked in the past. With Keen you can help your marketers focus on the future and build more effective plans that create more value to the business.


Instead of using your insights and analytics to defend the past, use them to create immediate impact and plan for the future.

The former state of marketing analytics, from MMX to MTA, is to measure past performance and use those insights to defend investment decisions and correlate marketing to sales. But that type of historic analysis is ineffective for driving future growth.

Keen is the perfect complement to your historic measurement capabilities. Keen’s solution works to calculate marginal ROI (mROI) across all of a brand’s marketing channels, determining each channel’s profit threshold, anticipated return and associate risk of achieving a desired outcome, including: