Brand Marketers
How Well Can You Tie Your Marketing Plan To Top- and Bottom-Line Contribution?

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What kind of value will next year’s marketing plan create for your business?

What if you could forecast with confidence what the return marketing will generate and have the ability to pivot quickly to stay on-track as conditions change?

Keen’s future-focused platform can be the difference maker in next year’s marketing plan by creating clear, accurate connections from your channel investments to business growth.

Most Marketing Analysis Is Backward-Looking. It’s Time To Look To The Future And Win.

Keen’s predictive-marketing models enable your business to run scenarios that optimize marketing-plan investments against your financial goal–whatever that goal is: get the most from a fixed budget, maximize revenue or grow long-term profit. As a live platform you can update your plan “in-flight” to react quickly to threats or opportunities and evolve with your business and market, to continually learn and improve marketing’s contribution.


Build your model and make your first marketing decision in a couple weeks.

Agile and Interactive

Test and iterate as you update new results to stay on track or surpass your goals.