Drive Value Creation For Your Business With A Future-Focused Marketing Strategy

Businesses spend upwards trillions each year on marketing, yet it’s difficult to forecast, let alone prove, the value created for those dollars.

That’s part of the reason that CMOs have the shortest tenure in the C-suite at just 40 months, according to SpencerStuart.

The rest of the C-suite perceives what is often a CMO’s biggest challenge: Defining marketing’s impact on a business’ growth and revenue with financially relevant, quantitative and predictive metrics. But as AI and machine learning enter the mainstream of marketing-performance management, future-focused metrics tied to financial contribution have become more viable and accessible to marketers.

This type of intelligent, predictive martech enables savvy CMOs to leverage fast, actionable insights to build and regularly update marketing plans, complete with a financial forecast tied to the business’ financial goals. Equipped with this type of real-time, decision-support framework CMOs gain confidence in defending their marketing spend, advocating for additional investment and showcasing marketing’s effectiveness at creating value.

Keen’s future-focused models ensures your marketing strategy directly drives business growth.

Keen’s marketing-planning solution helps CMOs to harness timely insights to guide marketing investment decisions at the portfolio level — across brands– and to help brands determine where, when and how much to spend in order to deliver profitable returns. Keen’s live platform enables your marketing and/or insights teams to “war game” different marketing scenarios across all channels — digital, traditional media and even shopper marketing — to determine the best marketing mix to drive revenue and/or profitability.

The best part? You’re able to execute confidently all while wow-ing the rest of your C-suite peers as you show them how your marketing department is influencing your business’ growth with quantifiable, relevant metrics. 

Keen helps you prove your value to the C-Suite.

Your fundamental role as a CMO is to create sustainable value for the business. Keen’s platform helps keep this goal at the center of your strategic decision making and allows you to shift the conversation with your C-suite peers from marketing as an expense to marketing as a profitable investment.

Use Keen’s platform to:

  • Model next year’s plan
  • Add data as you execute and update monthly or quarterly
  • Create a business case for the value incremental investment in marketing will generate
  • Prove the financial value of marketing to defend against a budget cut or broader economic downturn

Make unified decisions across your business

Keen provides accurate measurement across all of your brands, channels and tactics

Build an accurate investment plan tied to financial impact

No more relying on past successes or gut instinct

Optimize your spend against a financial goal

Or a leading indicator like brand equity or foot traffic

Update in real-time

Update your plan often to respond to changes in your business or the marketplace to continuously optimize your plan against your target

Use Case: Keen Gives Smithfield CMO A Curated View Of The Road Ahead

Like many savvy marketing leaders Smithfield CMO Tim Zimmer wanted a broad view of his marketing strategy in one place, so he could make data-informed, high-level decisions across Smithfield’s brand portfolio.

Watch the video below to see how Keen provided Zimmer real-time access to the latest marketing intelligence on his portfolio, customizing his view to prioritize the KPIs most important to him as a CMO for driving growth at Smithfield.

“We think every marketing dollar should be analyzed and directed toward driving the optimal performance for each individual brand and for our total portfolio. Keen has been at the forefront of marketing analytics and has been a trusted partner in our continued focus on marketing mix analytics.”

Tim Zimmer | Chief Marketing Officer