When you think about marketing metrics you probably think of marketing mix, multi-touch attribution and other ways to measure past performance.

But how will you decide your next best opportunity, especially if it’s in a channel you’re not using? Or when uncertainty is high, like say, in a pandemic?

Keen’s SaaS platform helps you accurately predict future performance across all channels so you can make smarter decisions about how to drive growth.

Make Your Next Marketing Decision Your Best Decision

Keen Marketing Decision

Run Plan Scenarios that Balance Risk and Reward

Keen’s platform is called MIDA (Marketing Investment Decision Analysis). MIDA puts decision-making power at your fingertips, enabling you to war game novel scenarios to optimize your marketing mix to achieve your business goals in real time.

Advanced algorithms calculate marginal ROI (mROI) for every channel and week to determine each channel’s profit threshold and anticipated return. MIDA also assigns a risk factor based on the likelihood to achieve the desired outcome:

  1. Optimize a fixed budget
  2. Maximize revenue
  3. Maximize long-term profitability(measured by net present value, NPV)
  4. Or, solve for a leading indicator such as household penetration or foot traffic.
Keen Solution budget, revenue and NPV

Work With the Data You’ve Got

Who has six months to clean up data?

Keen ingests the data you have on-hand–P&L, sales revenue and your latest marketing metrics. We augment it with our patent-pending marketing elasticity engine, which accurately predicts marketing elasticity for a full range of programs and channels in order to:

Keen has an ever-growing number of data connectors that automatically ingest data from popular marketing platforms including:

Execute. Iterate. Improve.

When you’re ready to execute, MIDA specifies the precise spend for each channel and week of your chosen scenario.

Add new data as you execute. Iterate on your scenarios quarterly, monthly or to respond to changes in distribution, competition or unexpected events, like say, a pandemic. Both you and MIDA continuously learn to improve outcomes.

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