Executive Dashboard
Get a Real-Time, Unified View of Your Marketing Spend with Your Own, Customized Marketing Performance Dashboard

As your brands adopt Keen’s solution, take advantage of our executive dashboard for real-time access to a unified view of total marketing spend.*

The fully customizable dashboard lets you define the metrics and views most important to your business, including by:

  • Brand
  • Channel
  • Geography

* Requires a site license.

How it Works

The dashboard uses the data in Keen’s platform as well as other data sources you rely on (e.g., IRI, Nielsen, panel metrics, brand health) in order to assess: 

  • Overall investment over time
  • ROIs over time
  • Year-over-year comparisons
  • Performance by brand
  • Performance by major tactic; by year, by quarter

When brands update their models and run new scenarios, the dashboard updates automatically. Generate monthly and quarterly reports instantly and efficiently wi