Here’s a post you’re not going to want to share too widely because we’re about to reveal some jaw-dropping findings from ClickZ’s research that could radically challenge your plans–and your outcomes–for 2020.

Join ClickZ and Keen this Thursday, Aug. 15, when we’ll unpack the facts and figures we uncovered when we asked marketers to tell us about their experiences using predictive modeling. (In fact, feel free to pause right now to register.)

Spoiler Alert: Predictive Modeling Improves Decisions


The overwhelming evidence is that when predictive modeling is used, it drives a strong uplift in marketing performance.

–“The What, Why, and How of Predictive Modeling: Do You Really Need Another Piece of Martech,” ClickZ, July 2019

Reporting on findings from a survey of marketing decisions makers, ClickZ found that “companies investing in predictive modeling reported significant returns on their investment.” Companies expect predictive modeling to assist marketers in getting the channels and timing right, in service of a financial goal rather than tactical performance improvement, according to the report.

“These are game-changing results for organizations, relative to what they would need to spend in other areas to achieve similar returns.”

Now is the Perfect Time to Consider Your Options

Whatever you have in mind to drive growth in 2020 this much is clear:  Marketers are being challenged to demonstrate financial impact. 

As next year’s planning and budgeting cycle gets under way ask yourself what in your arsenal has potential to drive double digit growth for your business that you can prove?

Whether the question leaves you tapping your chin or scratching your head, your next move is clear. You owe it to yourself to evaluate what predictive marketing analytics can do to help your marketing organization get a clear view of the landscape ahead so you can make data-driven decisions about where and when to invest to drive the strongest growth for your business.

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