More Than 30,000 New Products Are Introduced Every Year.
95% Fail.
Discover How To Design A Marketing Mix That Helps Your Product Break Through.

Why Do So Many Marketing Product Launches Fail?

You’ve received a product launch plan from Bases or Ipsos, complete with annual forecast and projected P&L and that all-important line item for marketing spend.

That’s the map to your destination, but how will you determine the best route, and more importantly, how will you adjust based on actual market performance once you’re in-market?

product launch planning

One Way To Make Sure Your Marketing Product Launch Soars

Keen’s next-generation marketing mix system looks forward, not back, making it an essential tool when you’re trying something new, whether that’s a new channel, new creative or a new product launch. Keen’s system builds a predictive, prospective marketing mix plan, tied to financial performance, with a dynamic ability to account for the unknown.

How Early Results Can Fine Tune Your Marketing Plan To Stay On Track

As you move from planning into market execution Keen can help you quickly ingest actual performance and use machine learning to adapt your plan and help keep your launch on track.

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Continually Improve Your Marketing Plan Choices In Year-One Go-to-Market

Keen reduces the risk in launching new products by helping to translate your Bases or Ipsos forecast into a predictive, prescriptive marketing and trade plan, one that you can update continually with actual performance data as you enter the market.

Keen’s marketing elasticity engine, with its ever-expanding in-market elasticities, help pressure test pre-launch marketing investment assumptions against business goals so you can more confidently answer questions like these:

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