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Seasonal Marketing Plans
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In theory, seasonal marketing helps capitalize on times of year when consumers are most likely to purchase your product.

But looking beyond the calendar to predict revenue lift across channels and weeks of your marketing plan can uncover opportunities to increase marketing returns in new and valuable ways.


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Candy Maker Sweetens Its Sales

Perfetti Van Melle — makers of Airheads and Mentos — challenged its seasonal marketing paradigm, modeling their sales cycle and marketing spend optimization on Keen’s platform. The models showed that decreasing investment during peak candy seasons and reinvesting at year-end could maximize profits.

In year one alone, the marketing team increased Mentos’ sales volume contribution by a whopping 82 percent year-over-year.

Getting Ahead Of Tailgates

The marketing team at Eckrich Meats—owned by Smithfield Foods—wanted to optimize its spend around its college football sponsorship and tailgating. Building a predictive marketing model on Keen’s solution showed the brand was overinvested during peak months of August to November and had room to profitably increase investment during non-peak months.

After reallocating budget accordingly Eckrich discovered that sales continued to be robust after the season ended, enabling the brand to sustain a more even sales volume year-round.

Turns out the seasonal marketing cycle did not mirror the seasonal sales cycle.