Build A Powerful Shopper Marketing Strategy Your Consumers Can’t Ignore

To say that a marketer’s shopper marketing strategy is being challenged in the current climate is an understatement. With new, innovative brands crowding shelves in every category and a variety of motivations behind how consumers are choosing to shop, every dollar invested counts–right down to the specific store and region.

So how do you build a profitable strategy while determining your investment decisions across your portfolio of retailers (and brands)?

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No Two Stores Are Alike:
It’s Time To Get Granular With Your Shopper Strategy

You likely have a variety of retail partners within your scope. In our work with leading consumer brands, we’ve found incorporating these retail specific programs into a brand’s overall marketing mix model fails to give insight into how these individual programs are driving revenue for the business.

The key to optimizing your shopper strategy–and understanding how you can drive additional revenue–is analyzing your shopper marketing programs at a granular level. This approach can help you take into account factors such as store type, geographic location and more as you determine where and how much you should invest.

Learn how Keen’s predictive marketing solution helped a national food product company optimize their retail specific programs to better penetrate their top retailers and increase revenue by $4 million.

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Take Your Shopper Strategy To The Next Level With Actionable Insights

Many traditional marketing metrics–reaches, engagements and clicks–are backward-looking and can’t prove the financial impact behind your investments. Keen’s predictive marketing solution enables your brand to run scenarios in real-time, allowing you to optimize¬† your investment decisions and creative approaches on-the-fly.

How you’re making your most pressing marketing decisions should evolve in parallel with your business and the current state of the market. Keen’s future-focused models are equipped with AI/machine learning capabilities so you can ensure your plan is always driving value, and feel empowered to improve the model as you learn more.

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Face Today’s Uncertainty With A Strong, Resilient Shopper Strategy

If your shopper marketing strategy is being rocked by today’s uncertainty, you’re not alone. As you navigate the rising pressure to make every dollar in your mix count, consider the resources you need to successfully guide your most pressing marketing decisions.

Learn more about how implementing a predictive marketing-decision platform can help you navigate uncertainties like inflation, supply/demand, a pandemic and more successfully AND grow your business.

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