Confidently build and optimize your marketing mix model

Quantify your marketing spend and stop wasting budget.

Combine your expertise with AI and Keen’s decades of marketing intelligence data to build a marketing mix model. With Keen, you’ll have the clarity and control you need to maximize every marketing dollar.

Solve Critical Marketing Mix Challenges

Stop Wasting Budget

With crystal-clear visibility into marketing mix performance you ensure you never waste budget on underperforming tactics again.

Make data-backed decisions

Support your hunches and plan with data. Our AI-powered insights guide you to make confident, data-driven choices that boost ROI.

Streamline Reporting

Say goodbye to scattered data and endless spreadsheets. Consolidate all your marketing data in one powerful, easy-to-use platform.

Over $20 billion in marketing mix investments optimized

Outmaneuver your competition

“Keen’s marketing mix model helped us balance growth and profitability, giving us a sustainable competitive edge.”

— CMO, Athletic Brewing

Needing to strategically optimize for profit, Keen helped Athletic Brewing grow net profits by 52% while investing 15% less on marketing.

Ready to take control of your marketing mix?

Start your trial today. Our custom marketing mix model will help you craft winning strategies, defend and secure budgets, and demonstrate bottom-line impact.

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