Make faster marketing investment decisions that maximize impact.

Keen's MIDA software optimizes marketing investments according to business objectives to hit revenue targets, maximize value and optimize budgets.


Historical Performance and Future Returns
Provides historical ROI, while estimating the impact of the next dollar invested (marginal ROI).
"Learns" with New Information
Easily updates as new information becomes available, becoming “smarter” and more predictive over time.
"Real-Time" Scenario Planning
Creates different marketing plan scenarios within minutes, building plans to achieve desired financial targets.
Forecasting, Actualization and Driver Analysis
Produces a weekly forecast and spending plan for each scenario, which can be actualized and analyzed over time.
Inclusion of New or Low Spend Tactics
Estimates impact of new tactics or tactics with lower spend relative to historical investment areas.
Enables Cross-Functional Collaboration
Collaborate with multiple users in the system, including agencies and consultants.
  Mida Essentials Mida Professional
Real Time Marketing-Performance Diagnostics including ROIs & Contributions
Leverages Expansive Proprietary Marketing-Benchmark Database
Real Time Strategic-Objective Focused Scenario Planning
Customizable List of Marketing Tactics to Measure and Optimize
Collaborative Charts Dashboard for Easy Reporting and Planning Sessions
Finalized Marketing Plan & Forecast Outputs
Unlimited users
Multiple role-based user permission levels available
Downloadable Data to Build Additional Charts in Excel or PowerPoint
Minimal Data Gathering Required
Ability to Include Granular Weekly Data (2-years of weekly data)  
Adjust Database Norms Based on Brand Information  
Add Detailed Marketplace Information (Competitive Activity, New Distribution, etc.)  
Probability Distribution of Achieving Revenue Forecasts, Response Curves for Individual Marketing Tactics  

Better, Faster Decisions

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Decision Making Framework
The trick is to know at the outset when it's a good decision.
Valuing Marketing Investment
A rich and comprehensive framework is required to make better marketing investment decisions.
Learning from your errors
Forecasting and optimization is a process of observing errors and learning over time.


Keen's MIDA software has successfully served some of the most recognizable brands across multiple industries.

Kevin Smith

CMO, Rollins, Inc. (Orkin)

Keen's unique ability to trace the impact of investments in long-term brand building vs. short-term lead generation equips our team to make the right decisions for our business to grow shareholder value. Optimizing resource allocation is critical for Orkin – and Keen has cracked the code.

Anthony P. DiSilvestro

CFO, Campbell Soup Company

Keen is the first company I have worked with that can successfully link marketing investment with financial impact. They were pivotal in our company's effort to evaluate the effectiveness of our multi-brand marketing investments. Keen has delivered extraordinary results and has helped to create unprecedented cross-functional organizational alignment.


Greg Dolan
Greg Dolan
Before co-founding Keen, Greg spent the first half of his career in brand management in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, where he was responsible for leading large flagship brands at Kraft Foods and the Campbell Soup Company. While managing multi-million-dollar marketing budgets, Greg saw first-hand the need for better models and systems to support decision-making and optimization. His experience in this area fueled his passion to start Keen and develop a comprehensive solution to inform investment decisions with superior speed, more confidence and greater impact.
John Busbice
John Busbice
John Busbice is the chief methodologist and architect of Keen’s MIDA® decision support software. John spent his early career in analytics at IMS Health, Havas and ZS Associates. He developed expertise in building models to optimize marketing mix, sales force size, pricing and forecast sales. During this time, John developed a vision to develop software to support marketing investment decisions. His vision inspired the development of the MIDA software, specifically designed to help clients learn quickly and make better decisions.
Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams
Vice President, Business Development
As a technology veteran, Shawn joined Keen to lead business development and client success. Growing organizations serves as the backbone of his professional career, and it stems from a desire to provide solutions that bring value to the people that depend on them day in, and day out. With today’s economy, and technology changing at such a rapid rate, it is absolutely imperative that the tools provided allow for quicker, better decisions to be made by everyone involved.
James Fay
James Fay
Product Manager
For several years, James co-owned a branding agency, witnessing first-hand the challenges marketers face in quantifying the value of their marketing efforts, and the struggle in determining how to best devote limited resources to drive sales. James joined the Keen team to help solve this dilemma for marketers & business owners. As the Product Manager for Keen’s MIDA, James has worked with Fortune 500 clients across industries, revolutionizing the way they make marketing investment decisions.

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