Keen’s software tool helps marketers make dynamic, data-driven decisions that build winning brands.

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Keen’s software solution is the brainchild of former CPG brand marketer, Greg Dolan, and marketing data scientist, John Busbice. See what they created and why, and discover how it can help you make dynamic, data-driven decisions to build a winning brand.

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Keen's MIDA software has successfully served some of the most recognizable brands across multiple industries.

Martin Dally

Senior Business Analyst, PVM

Keen’s tool has allowed us to in a very scientific way, understand if what we're spending is too much or too little. We are able to put a benchmark there.

Anthony P. DiSilvestro

CFO, Campbell Soup Company

Keen is the first company I have worked with that can successfully link marketing investment with financial impact. They were pivotal in our company's effort to evaluate the effectiveness of our multi-brand marketing investments. Keen has delivered extraordinary results and has helped to create unprecedented cross-functional organizational alignment.


Predictive Modeling Tool
Keen’s dynamic marketing mix tool goes beyond historic ROIs to accurately predict the impact of the next dollar invested, so marketers can make more timely, smarter and more profitable investment decisions.
Accurate Insights
Keen’s outputs are extremely precise and accurate, and thanks to machine learning the solution gets even “smarter” over time
Expert Team
Keen was designed to be a dynamic tool at marketers’ fingertips, but our expert team is committed to supporting and maximizing customers’ success.
Decision Making Framework
The trick is to know at the outset when it's a good decision.
Valuing Marketing Investment
A rich and comprehensive framework is required to make better marketing investment decisions.
Learning from your errors
Forecasting and optimization is a process of observing errors and learning over time.

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