Demand Planning

Predict future demand

Your demand planning is as good as your ability to forecast sales. An inaccurate forecast can be the difference between getting your next raise or updating your resume and LinkedIn profile. With so much on the line, you can’t afford to gamble on out-of-date information. You need a partner that can adjust to the speed of the market. 

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How Keen supports demand planning

Keen uses the power of AI to tie your marketing strategy to your supply chain. By leveraging data and insights from the Keen Platform, businesses can develop more accurate forecasts, allocate resources efficiently, and adjust strategies to meet changing market demands.

We reduce errors by regularly updating forecasts based on real-time data, incorporating qualitative and quantitative factors, and continuously refining forecasting models to adapt to changing market dynamics. 

Demand planning

Future power your profitability

Our statistical approach and patent-pending marketing elasticity engine provide reliable direction–even with sparse or poor-quality data–and puts predictive decision-making power at marketers’ fingertips. Start creating short-term and sustainable value today.

How forecasting helps brands drive optimal profitability

An accurate forecast can help brands drive optimal profitability.  Although forecasting is not always an exact science, it is critical that marketers generate forecasts that look at more than historical data to create forecasts that guide their decision making.

How to transform marketing strategies with the power of AI

Traditional advertising, relying on intuition, is fading. AI empowers marketers with real-time data analysis, enabling swift adjustments, optimizing campaigns based on insights, and adapting to emerging trends for superior results.

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