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A solution empowering agencies to be the top strategic partner to their clients

powered by AI

Maybe you’re looking to strengthen your planning process, plan a media mix based on data and science or strengthen your competitive advantage. The Keen platform is an AI powered, prescriptive solution that unifies measurement, plans scenarios, and forecasts.

Keen’s technology is designed to be a standalone planning tool or to plug into your proprietary platforms. In either case, agencies rely on Keen to produce models that visualize the best path forward for your clients.

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Outmeasure, outplan, outperform

Unmatched measurement solution

Show the true financial value of full funnel media, and the interaction of paid, earned, and owned advertising with micro and macro factors, such as supply chain shortages or a recession, that influence your clients’ business. Optimize at all three levels for more profitable growth and demonstrate the short and long term financial impact across all investments.

Scenario planning

Determine the optimal marketing mix, investment levels, and flighting across all channels and connect those decisions to financial outcomes.  Whether your clients’ goal is to hit a revenue target, or maximize profitability, the Keen platform will forecast a plan which includes micro and macro factors and accounts for their media budget.


Create a forecast that quantifies the impact of your clients dollars across all channels- by week, over time and long-term with results that are 95% accurate. By driving optimal profitability that links your client’s marketing, sales and financial data with market and societal variables, your agency will continue to prove value as a trusted, long-term partner.

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Keen scales with your business. An investment in the Keen platform starts at $10k per brand and includes access to Keen experts, unlimited seats, data uploads and model updates. Schedule time with the Keen team to discuss the details.