Agency Partnerships

Partner with Keen

Maybe you’re looking to strengthen your marketing mix recommendations, driving confidence from peers and clients alike. Or perhaps you’re on the hunt for a competitive advantage, a data partner to enhance your offering with additional insights and improved accuracy. Whatever you need from a partner, we’ve got a program for you. 

Keen Partnership Program Benefits

Unmatched measurement solution

Show interaction between channels executed by your agency and channels executed by the brand to drive top, middle, and bottom of the funnel impact. Optimize at all three levels for more profitable growth.

Comprehensive insights

Expand what you know so you can optimize better with Keen’s Marketing Elasticity Engine. With access to our robust data and insights, you can fill in the blanks for overarching industry trends, how the category is growing, and how competitor spend is impacting your performance.

Partnership that proves value

Inspire confidence in you and your company by partnering with an expert in decision optimization and predictive analytics. Bolster your clients trust with vetted recommendations so you can continue to impress with results.

Enhance offerings to your clients with Keen


You sell Keen alongside us and also provide managed services on top of our platform to make better decisions and drive value that lasts.

Agency site license

Keen builds the first few models, then your team takes over building within our platform. Your team uses Keen as the software to support your internal and external conversations and future-power your plans. 


Quantify the impact of all dollars across all channels—by week, over time and long-term

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