Marketing Measurement

Measure the past, predict the future, reduce the uncertainty

Keen has redefined the landscape of marketing measurement. Our forward-thinking approach is tailored for those who seek to utilize data to make future marketing decisions. Move beyond traditional scorecarding methods and embrace a new era of quarterly forecasting and real-time scenario planning.

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How Keen measures the effectiveness of your marketing

With a software-first mindset, powered by AI, Keen automates data loading, enabling swift measurement of historical results and seamless running of future scenarios across all channels. Recognizing the dynamic marketing world, we advocate for a holistic strategy that seamlessly integrates eCommerce into your marketing strategy.

Keen’s Bayesian regression techniques, coupled with the patent pending Marketing Elasticity Engine, offer a unique edge, allowing you to measure retail media impact and strategically negotiate with retailers.

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Industries served, but not limited to, D2C, CPG, Hospitality, Retail, Travel, B2B, Alcohol and Apparel.

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