Data-Driven Decision Support by Marketers for Marketers.

Our Story

What Drives Us

Keen is the brainchild of Greg Dolan, a former CPG marketing executive, and John Busbice, a marketing data scientist. Their combined professional empathy and expertise led them to design a technology solution to make marketers’ jobs less stressful and more rewarding by giving them access to the right data at the right times to build winning brands.

Our Values

What Unites Us

Value Teamwork First

Be selfless, stay in the game, do what it takes to move the company forward.

Be Empathetic

Consciously understand your team member’s or client’s perspective.

Grow or Die

Focus on excellence, no middle ground.  Continuously look to improve with a passion for results.

Inspire Trust

Provide value before receiving anything, do the right thing and do what you say.

Celebrate Wins

Don’t forget to have fun and acknowledge the successes along the journey.