Measure the past.
Predict the future.
Minimize the risk.

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Keen is the industry's first and only decision optimization engine rooted in predictive analytics and powered by AI.

Drive 25%+ improvement in marketing-influenced, incremental revenue within the first 12 months.
Boost returns with multi-year revenue forecasting and real-time marketing budget scenario planning while eliminating wasted ad spend and doubling down where it counts.
Maximize the interaction effects between the top and bottom of your marketing funnel and focus on optimizing spend based on the point of diminishing returns (marketing profitability).

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See how the Keen Platform can drive a 25%+ improvement in marketing-influenced incremental revenue within the first 12 months.

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Industries served, but not limited to, D2C, CPG, Hospitality, Retail, Travel, B2B, Alcohol and Apparel.

The Keen advantage

Keen’s patent-pending Marketing Elasticity Engine acts as a custom prior for your brand by incorporating our proprietary response curves and 6-year future decay rates (adstock) for a comprehensive understanding of both short and long-term impacts.

The result? An optimized future marketing spend plan that accounts for interaction effects and timing impacts, allowing you to balance growth and profitability goals seamlessly.

Additionally, Keen plans improve as marketers iterate and reconcile the model with real-time data.

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From historic data to future success

1. Collect time series data

Gather historical data for a comprehensive overview

2. Measure historic performance

Run data through the regression model for actionable insights

3. Compare future spending plans

Evaluate unlimited future scenarios based on projected business factors

4. Lock in the spending plan

Execute based on profit-based response curves, actualize forecasts, and iterate for continuous improvement

Partner with Keen for a data-driven, profitable future

Keen’s innovative approach to marketing analytics empowers brands to thrive in a dynamic landscape. Embrace the future of decision-making and unlock the full potential of your marketing strategy.