Media Planning

Don't let your investment decay

When media planning is done well, it maximizes the investment value of marketing campaigns over time and ideally across channels, in an omnichannel scenario.

The key question for marketers is: At what rate do my investments decay, or lose effectiveness, in deployed channels, and how do I layer this coverage for optimal contribution towards my organization’s goals? Historically, answering this question took at least 6 months and hundreds of thousands of dollars in consultant costs. 

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The marketing landscape is quickly evolving and getting overwhelmed with new channels that require investment and need to be measured promptly.

Keen’s software can ingest data via automation, measure historic results and run future scenarios in real-time across all channels. Our platform accounts for interaction effects between the top, middle and bottom of the funnel, as well as the timing impacts of each channel.

Keen’s models provide real-time marketing insights to help you learn from what you’ve spent, pivot based on your goals and make the best decision possible to maximize ROI.

Our marketing measurement tool provides a holistic view and includes the halo effects across retail media investments helping teams to avoid wasteful spend. Optimize at all levels for more profitable growth and demonstrate the short and long term financial impact across all investments.

Create a forecast that quantifies the impact of your dollars across all channels- by week, over time with 95% accuracy. Link short- and long-term financial forecasts with results to reduce uncertainty and break down the barrier between marketing and finance.

Determine the optimal marketing mix spend across all channels and connect those decisions to financial outcomes. Whether your goal is to hit a revenue target, or maximize profitability, the Keen platform will forecast a plan which includes both marketing and external factors, such as supply chain issues or a recession, and accounts for your media budget.

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