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Keen enables you to navigate uncertainty by running scenario-based plans. Empower your decision-making process by asking and answering the critical question: “What should I do next?”

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional marketing mix modeling. Our cutting-edge approach incorporates Bayesian methods, leveraging prior estimates of tactic elasticity and continuously learning from new data. The result? A model that adapts and evolves over time, ensuring relevance and accuracy.

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Industries served, but not limited to, D2C, CPG, Hospitality, Retail, Travel, B2B, Alcohol and Apparel.

At Keen, we're focused on delivering answers to the most pressing questions for our clients:

How do I build a sustainable brand? Learn strategies to captivate potential investors and establish a sustainable brand that stands out in the market.
How do I optimize my limited budget? When faced with budget cuts, Keen provides insights on where to trim without compromising your financial goals.
How do I strike the balance between brand-building and transaction tactics? Discover the optimal mix between brand-building and transaction-driving tactics to achieve your marketing objectives.
What is the best way to optimize my seasonal spend? Determine the ideal allocation of resources between peak and off-peak seasons for maximum impact.

Jose Maury

VP, Customer Acquisition
NAC Marketing

“Over the past 12 months, I collaborated with Keen to focus on marketing mix models to gain a deep understanding of

  1. the optimization of existing channels and channel testing strategy,
  2. effectively representing ROI and business KPIs holistically across all paid channels, and
  3. measuring the compound effects of paid media over time and its codependency on sustained media investment.

The end result was staggering! Keep driving top-of-funnel media activity while adhering to campaign KPIs—it pays dividends long-term!

How Keen does marketing mix differently

We’re much more than just a slide deck that you read once a year. We’re an MMM software platform that is designed to become part of your planning process at every stage.

Our Bayesian MMM approach solves for the limitations of traditional marketing mix modeling. By incorporating prior estimates of tactic elasticity, and updating those prior beliefs with new data, the model can adapt and learn over time.

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