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Stop waiting on last years’ reports

Knowing how and where to best spend your marketing budget isn’t easy. It is difficult to predict shifting economic conditions, such as inflation, seasonality, a global pandemic, or recession, and how these elements will affect consumer needs and trends. 

Historically, marketing and brand leaders have had to look to the past in order to strategize and plan for the future. The old approach to marketing meant relying on your gut and outdated, static, standalone reports to make multi-million-dollar investment decisions. This made forecasting opportunities and selling them to senior management a challenge.    

With the industry’s first and only decision optimization engine rooted in predictive analytics, Keen Decision Systems empowers you to plan, adjust, and report on your marketing mix strategy faster—and with more accuracy—replacing the delays and data gaps of the old-school marketing mix modeling (MMM) approach.

This allows you to pinpoint the optimal future investment for each channel on a weekly basis, update your plan at any time to encourage in-flight optimization, and support highly optimized marketing and sales investment decisions. 

The Keen difference

At Keen, we meet you where you are, so you can make the right decisions for your brand, right now, and find your nexus of profitability and performance. With our unique platform, we strive to help clients: 

Illuminate. Start your planning from a higher vantage point to uncover how decisions across all interactions impact your whole funnel. Chart the best paths to reach your goals, and account real time market conditions, like a recession, a global pandemic, or supply chain disruptions.

Optimize. Augment historical insight with real-time data to run timely scenarios that surface the optimal places and times to invest. Quickly pivot and adapt as new market and societal factors emerge.  

Forecast. Quantify the impact of all dollars across all channels— by week, over time and long-term. See everything, so you can account for everything. Drive optimal profitability for your business by directly linking client marketing, sales, and financial data with market and societal variables.

Revolutionize. Uncover significant ROI opportunities and drive your modeling mix forward. Capitalize on Keen’s patent-pending marketing elasticity engine and robust database of channel and tactical norms to cover data gaps. Leverage prescriptive, predictive assistance that gets smarter over time thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

More dynamic than norms, Keen brings value with our Marketing Elasticity Engine that is informed by meta-analysis of 40 years of academic models, 10 years of client metadata and data from recent marketplace dynamics, and thousands of economic elasticity models and priors. 

Drive value that lasts     

For nearly a decade, Keen has been transforming how marketing decisions are made, helping marketers like you close the marketing proof gap by tying investment decisions to financial impact. Even when faced with a reduced budget of 17%, one client still saw 3.2% revenue growth + 9.7% revenue profit growth. We saw an average marketing lift of 25% for new clients in year one and an overall profitability of 41% last year for leading consumer brands. 

With Keen, you can quickly create multiple marketing-plan scenarios, each aligned with a unique financial goal: 

  •     Maximize profitability 
  •     Achieve a specific revenue target 
  •     Optimize a fixed budget 

 These scenarios account for both marketing mix and timing, as well as allowing for “constraints,” programs with committed dollars with timing. This helps weigh the risk (probability of achieving results) against the reward (revenue, profit, and cash forecasts) to determine the best approach for your business.

Get Keen

Start creating short-term and sustainable value today. Our statistical approach and patent-pending marketing elasticity engine provide reliable direction–even with sparse or poor-quality data–and puts predictive decision-making power at marketers’ fingertips. Make your first decision within days, and tap in any time to continually improve outcomes.

Know more, now–because the more you know, the more you can optimize for what comes next. 

Request a demo model today!

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