Embrace the future of media mix software

Keen’s future facing media mix software is here to revolutionize your decision making process.

With the Keen Platform, find your optimal media mix. We’ll show which marketing investments maximize your ROI at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional consultants. Get your media mix model today.

Make your next budget decision with Keen's media mix tool

Let the Keen Platform show the optimal marketing spend for your brand. We take your marketing and sales data, pair it with 40 years of academic research and 10 years of our metadata to build a model that predicts your future revenue.

  • We’ll tell you where to invest and how much to maximize your revenue both in the short and long term.
  • Media mix models are built in a matter of weeks, not months, so you can quickly make informed decisions.
  • Run future-powered, timely what-if scenarios to find the best places and times to invest marketing dollars.
  • See your whole marketing funnel – and the impact of each and every decision with your media mix model.

$3.5B in marketing budgets optimized globally through our media mix software

Media mix software vs. traditional media mix vendors

Traditional media mix vendors take months to come back with a slide deck that shows you what happened last year. It’s nice to look at, but won’t give you actionable insights to fuel future planning.

What makes Keen different is our ability to use AI marketing mix software to deliver the wholistic view typical of MMM with the speed of MTA models. In just a few short weeks, we can take your data and build a model to show you future revenue potential. Use the model to run scenario based questions like “what happens if I cut budget 15%?” or “how does investing an additional 10% in TV impact our revenue?”

No more half-answered questions. No more expensive consultants. You can have the best of both worlds using Keen as your media mix vendor.

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