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No more guessing

Better decisions mean better performance, which means you need to be able to see the whole picture—past, present, and future. You also need to be able to account for any bumps along the way.

Through vetted recommendations that account for complexities across your entire marketing landscape, Keen Decision Systems empowers you to identify new opportunities for top-line growth to increase profitability—often for a lower overall investment.

Make decisions based on real-time data and historical insight

Build and configure models quickly and run timely what-if scenarios

Pinpoint the optimal future investment for each channel on a weekly basis

Update your plan at any time to encourage in-flight optimization

Support investment decisions with revenue forecasts and business-driver analysis

Predict performance and profitability

Make data-driven investment decisions, tie them to financial impact, and create long-term value.


Brand marketing and management

Confidently forecast the return marketing will generate and pivot quickly to stay on-track as conditions change.



Manage your budget as an investment to maximize value creation and growth.


Agency partnerships

Bolster your credibility while building a strategic, powerful case for your client’s next marketing plan.



Show your brands the most profitable path forward.

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Eckrich’s marketing ROIs sizzle even on a lean budget

Even when faced with a 36% budget reduction, the Eckrich marketing team nearly doubled its marketing ROIs after optimizing their strategy with Keen.

Get the case study to see how Keen’s future-focused scenarios revealed where and when to drive new value, resulting in top and bottom line growth.

Fueling the future for forward-thinking brands

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