Model Your Brand Winning.

Keen is a dynamic, data-driven decision support tool that lets you assess performance across your entire channel mix. In one place. In real-time.

But most importantly, Keen helps you model future opportunity and specify the channel, spend and timing needed to reach your goal.

The Power of True Decision Support

More than What You Know. It's What You Can Do.

Begin with the End in Mind

Know the Goal

Build your marketing models in real-time against one of three core business objectives:

1. Short-Term Revenue – Models the most efficient mix and timing to achieve a specific revenue target for an investment.

2. Long-Term Profitability – Quantifies long- and short-term impacts of each tactic to project the marketing mix and investment that maximizes net present value (NPV).

3. Budget – Optimizes plan tactics and timing against a fixed level of investment.

Big Right Data

Make Data-Driven Decisions

If you’re not bogged down by big data, you’re probably leaning too heavily on gut instinct. Keen uses the right data to generate accurate, actionable insights in real-time. Our software is built on our normative market database to which you add your brand’s marketing and financial data, and/or data from your marketing mix service. Machine learning continuously improves the precision of the recommendations over time.

The Right Metrics

Predict Financial Impact

Retrospective ROIs for traditional channels, attribution models for digital programs, and whatever conversion metrics you can get your hands on for shopper marketing and trade programs. It’s enough to make your head spin.

Yet, none of these metrics ties out smoothly to sales revenue.

Ground your planning in an integrated view across channels, correlated by financial impact. Keen’s algorithms level set disparate metrics and granularity by calculating the inferred contribution of each tactic against the targeted financial outcome, as well as the associated risk. The result is a powerful, precise framework within which to model your marketing investment decisions.

It’s About Time.

Determine When to Spend — and When to Stop

Sales fluctuate constantly, especially with seasonal products and programs. Now you can determine the revenue contribution for tactics on a weekly basis for all future years, relative to the investment amount — an answer that literally  is derived from hundreds of calculations. This forward-focused analysis help you quickly pinpoint optimal weekly spends and identify when you’re over-invested and when you have opportunity to increase spend for a greater return.

A New Level of Agility

Adapt to Your Market

Now you can factor in changes to your marketplace as they happen — a new competitor enters, distribution changes, or weather disrupts supply or delivery — and make course corrections to ensure you stay on target.

The Power of Marginal ROI

Know Your Next, Best Move

ROI typically calculate past performance as benchmarks for future goals. The unintended result is they promote an incremental approach where meeting or barely surpassing last year is good enough.

Being the best requires a different mindset and metrics approach, one that allows you to predict future outcomes, rather than focusing on the past. That metric is known as marginal ROI. Marginal ROI shows the impact of the next dollar on your return. Using marginal ROI tells you how much to spend (or not) for a given tactic each week. It also accounts for other marketing spending in that week (interrelationship) and the effect of any external environmental factors.

Data Wins Arguments

Build Your Team’s Confidence and Credibility

Keen ties marketing investments to financial impact. Your plans will not only deliver better results, but with greater predictability. Now you’re speaking the language your CFO loves to hear.

Discover Keen for What We're NOT

  • Big data
  • Retrospective marketing mix analysis
  • Consulting
  • Short-term historic ROI (spend over 12-16 week impact)
  • Digital-only attribution modeling

Choose Keen for What We ARE

  • Right data
  • Real-time, forward-focused decision support
  • Software-as-a-Service (with support)
  • Marginal ROI (predict the return on the next dollar invested)
  • Omni-channel marketing planning (traditional, digital and trade)

6 Signs You're Ready for Keen

  1. Digital programming is 20+ percent of your budget.
  2. Your default benchmark is a $1 ROI.
  3. You think you’re over-invested in shopper programs; you just need proof.
  4. You can’t tell from your digital attribution models whether your programs or competitors are the problem.
  5. Your marketing budget went down (again) even though your revenue targets keep going up.
  6. You’re tired of barely meeting plan — you’re ready to win.