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What We Do

Keen is marketing’s real-time solution to plan, measure and report optimized financial results on your marketing investments.

Data First

No matter how BIG your data is, Keen takes you from contract to update in a few weeks…and we’re getting faster all the time.

Keen’s magic lies in our own base of statistical priors, some fancy algorithms and Bayesian statistical modeling, which work together to overcome data quality concerns and measure all your channels on a level playing field.

Plan to Win

When you start budgeting for the coming year, begin with your win in mind. For most marketers it’s something like, “Get the most bang for my budget.” Keen lets you “war game” myriad risk/reward scenarios to design a prescriptive plan that tells you exactly how much to invest in each channel each week to optimize your results.

Gain Confidence

Imagine entering your next senior management meeting armed with a rich, data-driven plan for how to grow revenue over the coming year, complete with a financial forecast. You’ll feel more confident and so will your senior leadership.

Adapt to Fly

Keen lets you update your models as the year unfolds. Whether a competitor launches a new campaign or you add a new distribution channel, you can quickly and easily update your model to continually optimize toward your goal. That’s the power of “in-flight optimization.”

Close the Marketing Proof Gap

Keen’s technology builds forward-looking response curves that accurately forecast (and measure) marketing’s financial contribution across all of your channels. That’s how your marketing team can finally bridge that gap to speak in the financial terms the C-suite needs–and expects.

Model Your Brand Winning in 2020

As you begin planning for next year ask these questions about your current metrics. Do they:

  • Compare all marketing channels
  • Measure financial contribution
  • Predict future performance
  • Use fresh data
  • Optimize by week
  • Update in real-time


We’ve been so impressed by how our customers are able to leverage our platform’s insights to carve out business wins, that we launched Keen’s Marketing Impact Awards, a shout out to our top innovators, and a showcase of what best-in-class data-driven marketing looks like.

Check out our inaugural winners.

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