Improve performance and increase profitability with
real-time marketing insights

Ditch the delays and data gaps of the old-school marketing mix modeling approach with the industry’s first and only decision optimization engine rooted in predictive analytics. With Keen, you can quickly and accurately plan, adjust, and report on your marketing mix strategy.

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Know more. Know now.

See your whole funnel—and the impact of each and every decision

Start your planning from a higher vantage point to illuminate the best paths

Clearly see impact across all decisions and interactions

Account for multiple channels by eliminating lift study or attribution limitation

Run future-powered, timely scenarios that tie marketing and financial data together

Make decisions based on real-time data and historical insight

Run what-if scenarios to find the best places and times to invest

Quickly pivot and adapt in an ever-evolving market

Quantify the impact of all dollars across all channels

Link client marketing, sales and financial data with market and societal variables

Demonstrate marketing mix impact to finance via vetted projections and reporting

Confidently communicate marketing mix insights and decisions to channel owners

Case study

The client

A global leader in golf grip innovation and technology

The problem

With a fixed budget, the client needed to identify the best mix to meet their revenue targets. Success was critical in order to receive additional marketing support the following year.

The solution

Leveraging Keen, the client continually optimized and adjusted the time and spend of their channel yielding an exponential ROI and identified opportunity for continued increased profits.

The results:

344% ROI

Marginal ROI’s of $6.72 provided evidence to support future investment increase and uncovered opportunity for future gains.

Revenue increased $14M+
in their first year with Keen

Data connectors

Keen has an ever-growing number of data connectors that automatically ingest data from popular marketing platforms


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Keen’s decision system empowers you to accurately predict future revenue performance across all marketing channels. No more guesswork – make smarter decisions and drive more growth today.