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Category defining software that combines marketing measurement, media planning and P&L forecasting to drive 25% improvement in incremental revenue within the first year. 

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Industries served, but not limited to, D2C, CPG, Hospitality, Retail, Travel, B2B, Alcohol and Apparel.

Jose Maury

VP, Customer Acquisition

NAC Marketing

“Over the past 12 months, I collaborated with Keen to focus on marketing mix models to gain a deep understanding of
  1. the optimization of existing channels and channel testing strategy,
  2. effectively representing ROI and business KPIs holistically across all paid channels, and
  3. measuring the compound effects of paid media over time and its codependency on sustained media investment.
The end result was staggering! Keep driving top-of-funnel media activity while adhering to campaign KPIs—it pays dividends long-term!

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Keen solves the biggest challenge faced by marketing teams- connecting marketing investment to revenue and profit. Ultimately bridging the gap between marketing and finance.

What is the right balance between brand (top of funnel) and performance (bottom of funnel) marketing to drive profitable growth?

Keen almost always recommends a 70/30 split between top and bottom of the funnel spend and a shift toward a multi-channel evergreen strategy.  The output of our scenarios is a weekly buying plan, by channel with an associated forecast. 

Do I have the right channel mix and/or should I add new marketing channels?

The platform allows you to test the impact of new marketing channels based on our patent-pending Marketing Elasticity Engine (benchmarks). Once you have a mix set, it will optimize the interaction effects between channels and timing impact to drive the most profitable result for your brand. 

How can I measure the risk associated with my marketing plans?

Keen’s media planning solution will provide an optimized buying plan, based on your P&L influenced response curves and the decay rates of each channel.  Our probabilistic forecasting will then show the range of forecast achievability, alongside the probability of return for incremental investment.  

What is the optimal spending plan between offline and online marketing channels? How much should I spend within retail media networks?

Keen’s solution will allow you to optimize between media, shopper and trade spending.  Our unique portfolio modeling approach will optimize between Amazon, Target, Walmart and other retail media networks, while also spending between tactics within each RMN.  

How is Keen different?

Keen combines real time measurement, media planning and forecasting into a unified decision making solution.  Gone are the days of making gut-feel investment decisions based on your incomplete, outdated marketing mix Powerpoint.  Run unlimited media planning scenarios, supported by a forecast within a 4% margin of error, to provide quantifiable proof of marketing’s plan. 

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