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elements from the Keen platform layered on top of eachother including a comparison of previous year spend to optimized spend.

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Marketing mix fundamentals

Marketing mix has become increasingly complex and fragmented and continues to evolve.

In these resources, you’ll uncover how to get a grasp on where to spend your dollars to get the most results through modern marketing mix modeling strategies and tools.

Download the Optimizing Marketing Spend in The Connected Age Guide

In this guide, you will learn:

  • The major shortcomings of traditional MMM approaches
  • The value of planning tools that prioritize performance and profitability
  • Key components a decision-making solution should have to achieve an optimized marketing mix

MMM guidance for brand leaders

Learn how to determine whether an MMM solution is right for you, the brands you manage, and how to pick the best one.

Download The Keen Advantage Over Traditional MMM Providers Guide

The traditional method of marketing mix modeling (MMM) relies heavily on assumptions and guesswork, resulting in limited insights into the effectiveness of past campaigns. At most, directional decisions can be made based on historical performance.

In this guide, we’ll compare traditional MMM providers to Keen as it relates to:

  • Financial impact
  • Speed to insight
  • Long-term outcomes
  • Effects on your team and role

The future of marketing mix

Keeping up with changes in channels and media networks on top of the constantly evolving tools for managing them can seem endless.

Explore these resources to stay updated on the latest developments in marketing mix strategies and advancements in technologies designed to manage them.

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