Why Marketing Mix Modeling is Trending and How Keen Decision Systems is Leading the Charge Beyond ROI

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Keen Decision Systems can forecast your revenue, and you can hold us accountable for the accuracy of that forecast. You can also hold your agency accountable for executing your plan. No other Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) vendor in the space offers this level of precision and accountability. This is what makes us different and better.

The Surge of Marketing Mix Modeling

Marketing Mix Modeling is trending, and for good reason:

  1. Data Abundance and Advanced Analytics: The digital era floods companies with data. MMM leverages this, combined with cutting-edge technology and analytics, to deliver a comprehensive view of marketing effectiveness and deeper insights than ever before.
  2. Comprehensive Attribution and Cross-Channel Synergy: Traditional models like last-click attribution fall short. MMM evaluates the full spectrum of marketing activities over time, helping understand how channels interact and enabling optimization of the entire marketing mix.
  3. Privacy Compliance and Competitive Edge: With tightening privacy regulations, MMM offers a compliant, aggregated data approach. Companies using MMM make data-driven decisions, optimizing spend and gaining a competitive edge.
  4. Strategic and Custom Solutions: MMM informs long-term strategies by identifying high-impact activities and is versatile, tailored to specific business needs across industries. It accounts for seasonality, economic conditions, and more, offering a realistic view of marketing effectiveness.
  5. Pressure to Demonstrate ROI: Marketers need to justify their spend. MMM quantifies the impact of various tactics, leading to smarter budget allocation.

Beyond ROI: The Keen Advantage

While ROI has its place, it’s a relic of the past. Forward-thinking businesses focus on forecasting and incremental revenue impact. Here’s why Keen leads this shift:

  • War-Gaming Scenarios: At Keen, we simulate various scenarios to see how different strategies might play out. This includes analyzing flighting versus always-on campaigns, understanding channel interactions to boost performance, and assessing the impact of environmental changes like distribution shifts, pricing trends, and macroeconomic factors.
  • Incremental Revenue Impact: Traditional ROI? It’s old news. We focus on the incremental revenue your marketing efforts generate, providing a clearer, more actionable growth picture.
  • Predictive Insights: Our predictive marketing planning solutions go beyond traditional analytics. We forecast revenue based on current and planned activities, enabling proactive, strategic decision-making.
  • Risk Understanding: We don’t just predict revenue; we understand the risks associated with those predictions. By modeling various scenarios, we identify potential risks and devise strategies to mitigate them, ensuring reliable forecasts.

Building a Business Case with Keen

When budgets are tight, you need more than just a basic understanding of ROI. You need a robust, forward-thinking approach. Here’s why Keen Decision Systems is your best bet:

Ask the Right QuestionsOur MMM capability is unmatched. We prioritize revenue impact forecasting, the cornerstone of a solid business case for marketing spend.
Emphasize Predictive PlanningDemonstrate how your marketing activities will drive future revenue. Our forward-looking approach is more compelling to stakeholders than past ROI metrics.
Highlight Incremental RevenueShow how your efforts drive growth and future performance. Incremental revenue is a powerful argument for your budget needs.
Data-Driven DecisionsLeverage our MMM and predictive analytics to optimize your marketing mix and maximize revenue impact.
Scenario PlanningIncorporate war-gaming into your strategy. Evaluate how different strategies, timing, and external factors impact performance and revenue. Our approach helps you understand risks and make informed decisions.

In the ever-changing marketing landscape, success hinges on forward-thinking metrics and robust forecasting. Keen Decision Systems goes beyond traditional MMM, providing predictive insights and a focus on incremental revenue. We don’t just follow the trends—we lead them. Our approach outpaces traditional consulting-heavy players, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve. Embrace the future with Keen, and turn your marketing into a strategic powerhouse.

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