How AI Simplifies Your Marketing Mix Decisions Webinar

In this webinar, join Keen CRO Bradley Keefer and Head of Product Joshua Lucas, as they unpack the ways AI is transforming the marketing budgeting and planning process.

Deep Dive into Machine Learning: Learn how AI algorithms sift through siloed data to highlight halo and interaction effects, offering a clearer picture of what marketing efforts truly drive revenue.

The Power of Large Language Models: Explore how AI can aid in crafting your story more effectively, saving you precious time by generating frameworks and presentations to show to your executive team.

Where to Focus AI Efforts: Emerging AI tools are only as good as the humans setting them up. We’ll discuss the best processes to set up your AI and why marketing organizations should ignore ROI as a metric for success.

This webinar is perfect for marketers at all levels who are looking to leverage AI technology to refine their marketing mix and drive tangible results. Whether you’re struggling with budget allocations or just looking to stay ahead of the curve with the latest marketing tech, this webinar is for you.

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