How Does Predictive Marketing Mix Improve Marketing Performance?

Keen is defining the future of marketing mix as the only system to deliver both historical measurement and predictive, prescriptive planning that continually optimize marketers’ spend choices across all channels, tied to financial impact.

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Improvement in Marketing Contribution (over the last 52 weeks)
Marketing Spend Managed
Return on Subscription
Climbing Inc. 5,000 – from 3221 to 2308
Keen named to Inc. 5000 List

Make The Best Next Decision For Your Brand Every Time

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America’s Beloved Brands Reach Consumers More Efficiently With Keen Predictive Analytics

“I think getting data into the hands of decision makers is one of the most critical ‘modern marketing’ priorities.”

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“We think every marketing dollar should be analyzed and directed toward driving the optimal performance for each individual brand and for our total portfolio. Keen has been at the forefront of marketing analytics and has been a trusted partner in our continued focus on marketing mix analytics.”

Tim Zimmer | Chief Marketing Officer

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Winning Brands Start with Courageous Decisions

Keen focuses your data and decisions on future performance.

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