The best flight schedules: Keen research

Case study for Keen Decision Systems

About the client

A high-growth SaaS company that helps FORTUNE 500 and other marketing leaders make data-driven decisions, tie them to financial impact, and create long-term value.
ROI for an always-on schedule
ROI for a 4-week flighting schedule
ROI for a 2-week flighting schedule
In this case study

The Challenge

Using data from the Keen Platform, we looked at different flight schedules to show the impact of these schedules on net profit.

The Solution

We compared three scenarios of linear TV advertising: always-on, 2-week flighting and 4-week flighting.

The Result

Our study revealed that the 4-week flighting strategy outperformed the 2-week flighting, primarily because the long-term impact of marketing allowed brands to build equity and create more value with consistent activity.

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