Brand doubles down on TV spend and see increases in marketing-driven profit

Case study for A global retail brand specializing in dental products

About the client

A brand specializing in dental products
increase in traditional TV budget
return in marketing driven profit
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The Challenge

The team had been using Keen to finetune its already high-performing marketing mix for channel spend and timing, when their marketing leader laid out the provocative challenge of leaning heavily into TV during the summer months.

The Solution

The team tested scenarios, war-gaming different allocations throughout the summer season, based on adding incremental budget and/or diverting funds from DRTV.

The Result

The team outperformed the projected ROI, making TV the single largest driver of brand growth that year. The team poured $2 million into its traditional TV budget; $1.4 in incremental new spending and $600,000 redeployed from DRTV. The strategy returned $8M in marketing driven profit, sending the brand up 30 percent year over year.

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