Changes to marketing strategy lead to significant increases in marketing ROI

Case study for Dramamine

About the client

A company that specializes in motion sickness medicine for prevention and treatment of nausea, vomiting and dizziness associated with motion sickness.
incremental revenue
additional 2H marketing budget secured
increase in marketing ROI
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The Challenge

The marketing team was focused solely on marketing during peak seasonal periods and was hesitant to invest in other times throughout the year.

The Solution

By leveraging the Keen Platform, the brand was able to evaluate the marginal return on their investments.  This highlighted that profitable revenue could be unlocked in the off-season period.  Through planning simulations, they quantified the value they could create for the business by incrementally investing during this time.

The Result

Dramamine saw a profitable 41.8% in  incremental revenue and secured an additional $2.6M for 2H marketing support and a 9.5% increase in marketing ROI.

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