New marketing mix results in increases in profit and revenue

Case study for a global retail brand

About the client

A company specializing in the design, development, production and marketing of pitchers, dispensers, replacement filters and TDS meters.
increase in profit
contributed revenue with a budget cut
In this case study

The Challenge

Previous marketing activations were overly focused on upper-funnel tactics and not reaching the brand’s demographic and target audience.  They needed to pivot their tactics to be able to expand their reach, drive more immediate sales, and maximize their decreased marketing budget.

The Solution

They fed their insights into the Keen Platform and it recommended decreasing media investments such as linear TV, Youtube OLV, and Google Discovery and redistributing those working dollars to invest in more efficient tactics and channels for their brand, such as social media (e.g. TikTok) and eRetail.  

The Result

Increase of $1.2M profit and contributed revenue (+8.6%) despite the total media investment being down $500k YoY. This is a result of diversified mix and shifting working dollars into more relevant channels for target consumers in 2023.

Additional Keen insights

The Keen Platform takes the decay rates established for each tactic and shows how they impact the brand within the fiscal year in which the activations occur and into the future.  Knowing that they had prioritized TOF tactics in the past, it was important for this brand to understand and visualize how their shifting marketing investments will make an impact both in the short, and long term.  This enables a healthier mix of upper, middle, and lower funnel tactics to support both immediate sales and long term brand awareness and health.

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