Optimization strategy finds additional revenue for seasonal brand

Case study for a global retail brand

About the client

This client is a brand with global reach and provides category-leading products that help busy people plan and organize work, school and play.

Keen's impact

Increase in Profit ROI ($.70)
Growth in New Revenue totalling $7.6M
Increase in Total Retail Dollars (+9.8M)
In this case study

The Challenge

This brand has a highly seasonal business and was hesitant to alter their back-to-school investment strategy. After years of being the de facto- strategy, the brand was hesitant to try anything that might upset their status-quo.

The Solution

The Keen Platform recommended optimizations to the channel investment allocations and flighting strategy. The recommended strategy enabled the brand to build momentum before its key season to maximize the value of its prime weeks.

The Results

The Keen Platform’s findings demonstrated a 75% confidence that the brand would grow YoY by implementing the optimized strategy, with the most likely result being an increase of $12M in marketing contributed revenue on same spend.

Additional Keen Insights

Keen recommends a multi-year view of marketing impact, which enables 20%-88% spend increases to maximize profitability.

Marketing’s impact felt beyond the same year, increasing the base and total marketing contribution for subsequent years.

While spending 20% more in 2024 may not return a $1+ in total same year revenue, it will continue to drive multi-year profitability.

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