Keen Takes: How to Use Granularity to Your Advantage

Granularity refers to the level of detail and analysis in decision-making, and understanding individual differences across consumers and markets is crucial in optimizing marketing strategies. However, there is a natural bias to focus on the most granular level, which can be counterproductive when making higher-level, strategic decisions.

In this video, Keen co-founders Greg Dolan and John Busbice discuss several important factors to consider when thinking about granularity in a decision-making framework, including:

  • Why the three Cs of cost, complexity, and conflict are important considerations when deciding on the appropriate level of granularity
  • How using Bayesian methods that incorporate data from multiple sources and prioritize information over raw data can drive better decisions and optimizations
  • How understanding the decision hierarchy in marketing can reduce complexity and emphasize focus on customer objectives

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