A Forward-Thinking Approach to Marketing Analysis

Inc. — Keen Decision Systems is a future-focused marketing performance management platform that empowers companies with data and tools to make fast, confident decisions about their marketing spends.

Keen has shifted how Post Consumer Brands approaches its marketing. Post used to analyze marketing impact across its biggest brands at the end of each year. With Keen, Post can evaluate marketing impact across its entire portfolio every quarter, easily testing and measuring new marketing tactics.

Insights when you need them

Audra Carson, senior director, integrated marketing communications at Post Consumer Brands, describes Keen as a “decision-focused tool” that allows users to assess a plan’s effectiveness and quantify how marketing contributes to company profit.


Post first tested Keen’s offering in 2019 before expanding the relationship.


“We found pretty quickly that Keen offered the frequency, flexibility, and forward-looking insight we had been looking for,” Carson says.


Logan Moorse, manager, consumer insights & analytics at Post Consumer Brands, says Post can now make smarter decisions about every brand’s strategy.

“Keen has given Post a much more data-driven approach when it comes to understanding the most efficient and effective ways we’re spending our advertising dollars,” he says.

The Post cereal brand Pebbles is a great example. While the cereal category declined by about five percent over the last year, Pebbles grew by 12 percent. Moorse credits smart marketing, made possible, in part, by Keen.

 “Testing with purpose” also helped Pebbles discover new growth strategies. Carson says being able to evaluate and adjust tactics quickly, rather than waiting a year, also enabled “a behavioral change” inside of the organization.

Come along for the ride

Post’s experience with Keen is typical. On average, Keen clients reap a 25 percent improvement in marketing return on investment (ROI) the first year. The more clients embrace Keen insights and recommendations, the bigger the potential gains, says Keen co-founder and CEO Greg Dolan.


Companies like Post that use marketing technology to enable forward-thinking marketing approaches and data-driven decision making drive business performance. By driving results for customers, Keen fuels its own fast growth. Dolan sums it up: “We win when our clients win.”

Keen also continually invests in its platform to create even more value. Moorse appreciates how Keen involves customers in this journey by asking for–and acting upon–input on new features and capabilities. That is part of why it’s been “an awesome partnership,” he says, and why Post will continue to work with Keen to drive marketing performance.